Equity and Diversity

ASCP Statement on Equity and Diversity (2015)

The ASCP aims to support and promote equity and diversity both in the Society and in philosophy more broadly. The ASCP rejects any unethical forms of discrimination, such as those based on race, sex, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and age. The ASCP is deeply troubled by the past and present failings of the academic profession and culture of philosophy in achieving acceptable standards of equity and diversity, such as the well documented underrepresentation of women in Australian academic philosophy (see the AAP ‘Statement on Gender (2014)’ for specifics. ).

The ASCP is committed to the following initiatives to actively support and promote equity and diversity:

  • An annually-reviewed Statement on Equity and Diversity
  • Publically accessible record of past years’ Statements
  • ASCP Equity and Diversity officer
  • Development of roles and responsibilities for the ASCP Equity and Diversity Officer
  • A webpage of resources, including curriculum support materials and references
  • A dedicated conference session at the annual ASCP Conference
  • Annual accounting of diversity within the ASCP Executive Committee
  • ‘Members’ Profiles’ celebration of diversity in the Society to be included in the ASCP newsletter, Virtuosity
  • An openness to support any reasonable other initiatives


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