Simone Bignall and Paul Patton (eds), Deleuze and the Postcolonial (Edinburgh UP)

This is the first anthology to unite Deleuzian philosophy and postcolonial theory. Paul Patton and Simone Bignall assemble leading figures, including Reda Bensma├»a, Timothy Bewes, Rey Chow, Philip Leonard, Nick Nesbitt, John K. Noyes, Patricia Pisters, Marcelo Svirsky and Simon Tormey. They deal with colonial and postcolonial social, cultural, and political issues in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Palestine. Topics include colonial government, nation building, and ethics in the contemporary context of globalization and decolonization; issues relating to resistance, transformation and agency; and questions of "representation" and discursive power as practiced through postcolonial art, cinema, and literature.

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