tyson defragmenting 2017

Paul Tyson, De-fragmenting Modernity; re-integrating knowledge with wisdom, belief with truth, and reality with being (Cascade Books: 2017)

We live in a strangely fragmented lifeworld. On the one hand, abstract constructions of our own imagination - such as money, "mere" facts, and mathematical models - are treated by us as important objective truths. On the other hand, our understanding of the concrete realities of meaning and value in which our lives are actually embedded - love, significance, purpose, wonder - are treated as arbitrary and optional subjective beliefs. This is because, to us, only quantitative and instrumentally useful things are considered to be accessible to the domain of knowledge. Our lifeworld is designed to dis-integrate knowledge from belief, facts from meanings, immanence from transcendence, quality from quantity, and "mere" reality from the mystery of being. This book explores two questions: why should we, and how can we, reintegrate being, knowing and believing?

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