Roberts Irigaray

Laura Roberts, Irigaray and Politics: A Critical Introduction (EUP: 2019)

Irigaray and Politics positions Luce Irigaray as one of the most important and radical political thinkers alive today and weaves together the ontological, political and ethical dimensions of Irigaray's philosophy of sexuate difference in imaginative ways. Laura Roberts argues that Irigaray's philosophical-political project must be read as a critique of constructions of western modernity and rationality. When appreciated in this way, it becomes clear how Irigaray's thought makes profound interventions into contemporary political movements and decolonial thought— themes that have never been covered before in Irigaray scholarship. This enables readers to recognise that the question of sexual difference in Irigaray's philosophy is concerned not only with refiguring politics and political action, but with the foundational structures that govern existence itself.

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