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Tim Themi, Lacan's Ethics and Nietzsche's Critique of Platonism (SUNY: 2014)

Brings Lacan and Nietzsche together as part of a common effort to rethink the tradition of Western ethics.

Bringing together Jacques Lacan and Friedrich Nietzsche, Tim Themi focuses on their conceptions of ethics and on their accounts of the history of ethical thinking in the Western tradition. Nietzsche blames Plato for setting in motion a degenerative process that turned ethics away from nature, the body, and its senses, and thus eventually against our capacities for reason, science, and a creative, flourishing life. Dismissing Plato’s Supreme Good as a “mirage,” Lacan is very much in sympathy with Nietzsche’s reading. Following this premise, Themi shows how Lacan’s ethics might build on Nietzsche’s work, contributing to our understanding of Nietzsche, and likewise considering how Nietzsche’s critique can strengthen our understanding of Lacan.

Tim Themi has a PhD in philosophy and teaches at Deakin University in Australia.

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