University of Tasmania, Hobart
5-8 December 2007

Theme: Dialogues in Place

There is a long tradition according to which dialogic practice lies at the very heart of philosophy. Moreover the idea of dialogue has also had a central role in a number of strands within Continental thought. The 2007 ASCP Conference will focus on the conception of dialogue in philosophy, but with particular emphasis on the opening up of philosophical dialogue between traditions and cultures especially between east and west and on the way the happening of dialogue in place sheds light on both the nature of dialogue as well as on the place in which such dialogic engagement takes place. This focus on dialogue in place connects with the University of Tasmania's own commitment to a thoroughly dialogic conception of philosophical inquiry, and to supporting engagement between different traditions and cultures, and to the sense of place which is so much part of the Tasmanian location for this conference.

Accordingly, the themes of this conference are intended to stimulate dialogue rather than constrain it, in the areas of Continental European philosophy in the tradition of the ASCP conference, philosophical dialogue between east and west, and the philosophy of place. A Hegel stream is planned, to mark the two-hundredth anniversary of the publication of the Phenomenology of Spirit.


  • Cheung Chan-fai (Hong Kong)
  • Anna Freadman (Melbourne)
  • Fiona Jenkins (ANU)
  • David Morris (Canada)
  • Julian Young (Auckland)
  • Günter Zöller (Munich).

Conference Organisers

  • Prof Jeff Malpas
  • Ian Paulin