The 2023 conference has now concluded. Much thanks to all involved.

aap 100yearsCo-hosted with the Australasian Association of Philosophy

Marion made an indelible contribution to philosophy in Australia through teaching continental philosophy at the University of Melbourne, being instrumental in the establishment of continental philosophy bodies such as the Melbourne School for Continental Philosophy, and advocating for the role of women in philosophy.

The plenary will reflect on Marion’s life and work via an answer to the question ‘What is the art of philosophical interpretation?’ to consider how Marion’s research and teaching provided an exemplar of such an art.

Panellists TBC

marion tapper

Dr. Marion Tapper studied philosophy at the University of Western Australia and received her PhD from Macquarie University in 1979. She contributed to Australian philosophical thought in an academic career that helped to establish ‘phenomenology, and continental philosophy more broadly, as an important, strong, and respected area of philosophical inquiry in Australia’; established feminist philosophy at the University of Queensland, and played a foundational role in setting up the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy (MSCP).  Marion lectured in Philosophy at Macquarie University, ANU, University of Queensland, and then the University of Melbourne for over two decades. Her interests and publications included the history of philosophy, existentialism and phenomenology, especially Kant, Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre. She inspired and supervised generations of students in these areas. Marion also contributed significantly to the Australasian Association of Philosophy and the philosophy profession as Marion was the AAP Secretary (1998-2003) and Appointments Officer (1986-7 and 1994-8).She co-authored seminal reports about women and the profession – ‘Special Problems Facing Women in Philosophy’ (with San MacColl, Genevieve Lloyd and Barbara Roxon) in 1982 and 'Women and Philosophy' (with Janna Thompson) in 1991.