DOCH Lectures - Speculative Realism | Elie Ayache

Robin Mackay, publisher of Collapse

An introduction to speculative realism with Robin Mackay, publisher of Collapse, a magazine that was part of initiating the movement in 2007 and has published a number of essays by Resa Negarestani, Ray Brassier, Quentin Meillassoux, Iain Hamilton Grant and related authors active in the US such a Eugene Thacker and Nicola Masciandaro. Lately Mackay has published Nick Land, a central thinker to the work of Negarestani, and Francois Laruelle, Elie Ayache at his publishing house Urbanomic.

Robin Mackay will introduce us to the central strata of speculative realism, develop on key concept from Meillassoux, Brassier, Hamilton Grant.

Elie Ayache

Elie Ayache is the author of the ground breaking "The Blank Swan: The End of Probability", a book that redefines the premises of speculation from the conventional retrospective understanding of markets based on statistics and probability, to actual speculation based on contingency and event.

After ten years in the Pit of the London stock market Elie Ayache completed a PhD in quantum physics, translated his hands-on knowledge as a "market maker" into a revised theory of markets which abolishes predication in favor of "event" and the production of value rather then reliance on speed.

Elie Ayache's book concerns economy and market making but is moreover affiliated with a contemporary branch of philosophy, so called, speculative realism. Ayache revisits Borges Pierre Menard in order to renegotiate notions of reality and continuity in favor of contingency and the possibility of a world without humans.

"Ayache?s writing is a very interesting combination of the completely mad and the entirely sane, with the non–crazy just neatly outweighing the insane."– Dr Nina Power

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