Academic work opportunities

Check individual universities and job advertisements for details:

Tutoring and marking; tutoring at University Colleges

Research Assistance

Teaching and research positions

Research Positions: Post-doctoral Fellowships

Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA fellowships:

Humboldt fellowships:

Marie Curie fellowships:

Fulbright fellowships:

British Academy fellowships (requires British or European citizenship):

Fellowship in Chile:

Melbourne School for Continental Philosophy:


Australian Research Council (ARC):

Australia: UniJobs:

Europe: Philos-L Philosophy Emailing list:

SPEP Continental Philosophy Jobs:

US: PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers:

Global: Times Higher Education:


Non-academic work opportunities

Create a LinkedIn and check what positions other graduates have.

High School Teaching:

School Teaching and Philosophy for Children:

Mind Your Way:

Paralegal work:

Public Service: State, Federal


Local Government

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO):

Copy-editing and Proof-reading:


Daily Nous:

Imagine PhD (Career Planning):



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