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The Ends of Autonomy - Online - 16-17 Dec

We are delighted to announce the programme for the second 'Ends of Autonomy' colloquium, and to invite registrations. This event will take place on Zoom, over two successive mornings Melbourne Time to allow for global participation. All are welcome to attend but registration (free) before 1 December is required. To register please contact Chris Watkin at Technical instructions on how to join will be supplied following your registration.

Wednesday 16 December (Melbourne)

6:00 AM Wed Melbourne Time


Oliver Davis (University of Warwick)


6:05 AM Wed

*Keynote 1*

Mark Andrejevic (Monash University)

Automating Surveillance: Post-Representational and Post-Subjective Governance


6:45 AM Wed



7:05 AM Wed

*Panel 1*

Håvard Rustad Markussen (Swedish Defence University)

The Political Subject of Surveillance Capitalism: Representations of The (Com)Modification of Behaviour as a Threat in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal


7:25 AM Wed

Tim Christiaens (University of Leuven)

Autonomy in the Age of Platform Capitalism


7:45 AM Wed

Sarah E. Carter (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Four-Dimensional Autonomy in a Digital Age: Where are Privacy Notices Going Wrong?


8:05 AM Wed

Vincent Le (Monash University)

Artificial Will: From the Autonomization of Ends to the End of Autonomy


8:25 AM Wed



8:45 AM Wed

*Panel 2*

Ali Alizadeh (Monash University)

Who Is Legend?: Viral Infection, Horror and Freedom


9:05 AM Wed

Conall Cash (Cornell University)

Freedom as Self-Constitution in Literary Modernism: On Flaubert’s Madame Bovary


9:25 AM Wed

Graham Wood (University of Tasmania)

Sustainable Freedom


9:45 AM Wed

Dan Taylor (The Open University)

Climate Anxiety, Fatalism and the Capacity to Act


10:05 AM Wed



Thursday 17 December

6:00 AM Thu Melbourne Time

Panel 3

Nick Hewlett (University of Warwick)

Capitalism today and the prospects for socialist freedom


6:20 AM Thu

Benjamin Abrams (University College London)

The Rise of Exocracy: Explaining a Relational Shift in Contemporary Political Subjectivity


6:40 AM Thu

Pascal Brixel (Clemson University)

Why We Work


7:00 AM Thu



7:20 AM Thu

Keynote 2

Jessica Whyte (University of New South Wales)

Neoliberalism and the margin of freedom


8:00 AM Thu



8:20 AM Thu

Panel 4

Oliver Davis (University of Warwick)

Sovereignty and autonomy in the recent work of Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval


8:40 AM Thu

Felicity Chaplin (Monash University)

Liberty Leading the People? Dress liberty and autonomy in post-#MeToo France


9:00 AM Thu

Jeremy Ahearne (University of Warwick)

Universal Language: Heteronomy’s Promises of Freedom


9:20 AM Thu

Christopher Watkin (Monash University)

Autonomy as pathology: rewriting the social contract


9:40 AM Thu





French Studies Society Virtual Conference - 3-4 Dec

Australian Society for French Studies


3-4 December


We invite proposals for papers and panels related to the conference theme. Papers may reflect upon, but are not limited to:

  • The role of the Humanities in general, and of language, literature and culture in particular, during times of crisis and social unrest
  • Literary, artistic and cinematic representations of connection and disconnection
  • The dis/connection between World and national literatures, cinema and history, and other forms of transnational connections
  • The Medical Humanities and the ethics of care
  • The Digital Humanities
  • Language pedagogy and (dis)connection
  • Interdisciplinary connections (and their limits)

Paper presentations will be scheduled for 10 minutes. Panels will be scheduled for 45 minutes, with 3 presentations and discussion.

The conference will be free to all members of the ASFS. Presenters will be required to join the Society by 1 November.

The Postgraduate Session will take place on the morning of 3 December via Zoom, led by Postgraduate Officer Dr Clara Sitbon. The Postgraduate Session is free and open to all members.

The conference will feature keynotes and round tables, will include different formats for special events, and will incorporate social spaces such as a virtual coffee room running alongside and between panels.

We hope that this will allow members to continue to engage with the ASFS activities and with each other in these trying times.


Deadline for submitting paper and panel proposals: 1 September 2020

ASCP 2020 Conference - Bond - Postponed

-- The 2020 Conference has been Postponed --


A notice from the ASCP president, Richard Colledge.


Dear colleagues,

You will have seen the announcement from Daniel Brennan (Bond University) concerning the postponement of the annual conference of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy. On behalf of the ASCP executive committee, I’m writing to provide some further context, and to update you on our recalibrated thinking around future conferences.

First: the decision to postpone:

This decision came in the wake of the renewed lock down in Victoria, the imposition of increasing travel restrictions into Queensland from Vic, NSW and ACT, as well as the failure of the mooted Trans-Tasman travel bubble to come into effect. The opportunity to hold an in-person conference in Queensland (even one with rigorous physical distancing) that will not involve the exclusion of many members and delegates, as well as keynotes and plenary speakers, now looks extremely unlikely. Given the need for people to book flights and accommodation in advance, we think that the decision to postpone now, without further delay, is the correct one.

Some months ago, the executive committee met via Zoom to discuss potential scenarios and contingency planning around the conference. It was decided that we would not look to shift our national conference fully online, for a series of reasons. These included the difficulty of scheduling, the very significant workload implications involved in having to completely reorganise the conference alongside the effective loss of hosting rights, the availability of keynotes to present in this format, and the likely quality of such an event overall.

Second: What happens instead in December?:

Possible online seminars: While our annual conference won’t proceed, the ASCP encourages and supports any online seminar series that members would like to plan during December in lieu of our usual full scale conference. Such initiatives would remain at the discretion of members to organise (e.g., panels to do with a particular theme, recently published books, or indeed panels associated with issues affecting postgrads/ECRs or equity groups). If there are plans to launch such online events, organisers are encouraged to contact the Chair ( with a view to possible use of the ASCP website to list event details. Of course, organisers would also promote their event is other usual ways via the ASCP mailing list and so on.

AGM: We will nonetheless hold our 2020 annual general meeting in December as usual, via Zoom. The holding of the AGM is a statutory requirement given our legal status. However, the AGM will also enable us to maintain the consistency of the ASCP’s administration. Accordingly, the usual processes will be followed of circulating a call for items, the nomination of executive committee vacancies, and so on. A link to the Zoom room will be circulated in the days leading up to the meeting.

Third: Implications for future conferences:

Happily, the transition should be quite smooth. Bond University has committed to hosting an in-person conference in Dec 2021, with Flinders University (previously our 2021 hosts) happy to shift their hosting to 2022. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of all ASCP members that we are very appreciative of the flexibility and continued support our our colleagues at both institutions. Assuming that things are looking quite different in 18 months’ time, I look forward to attending our first ASCP conference at Bond in December 2021, and then at Flinders the following year.

With thanks and best wishes,



Dr Richard Colledge

Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) | Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

Australian Catholic University



Note: Most of the events listed on the ASCP website are not hosted by the ASCP.  Events posted here are considered to be of interest to the Australasian continental philosophy community.

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