Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia - Newcastle - 1-5 Dec

pesa1-5 Dec 2017, Crowne Plaza, Newcastle, Australia

Submission Deadlines and Details

The PESA 2017 Organising Committee welcomes abstract submission(s) referring to the Conference theme in the first instance, or any other appropriate topics with a focus on educational philosophy and theory. Symposia are also welcomed.

Types of Submissions

Submissions may be in the form of a presentation, refereed paper, or a symposium. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Organising Committee. The Committee will allocate abstracts to the program taking into account the quality of each abstract, the balance of the program and the relevance of the paper relating to the Conference theme.

Abstract Submission Deadline – 17 July 2017


Conference Theme:

Birth, Death and Rebirth: Does philosophy of education need a new Subject?

The most significant life events can be the most educative. Joy, sorrow and hardship have transformative potential; but they can also be the undoing of the self. For the 2017 PESA conference, we invite you to explore these shaping forces in all their manifestations.

  • The educative potential of contemplating one's death in recognition of its transformative force.
  • The educative potential of being a witness to birthing, to death, the rituals of celebration, of mourning and the different ways these play out in indigenous, Eastern and Western cultures. There are also strong elements of symbolic death and rebirth in ritualized initiations and coming-of-age.
  • The educational repercussions of genocide and the violent histories of colonization.
  • Engagement with the post-humanism movement which brings into question the nature of life, death, materiality and the educative subject.
  • The potential roles of educational systems and educators in the face of mass species decline and the death of the biosphere.
  • The moral dilemmas associated with teaching about death or the suffering of others and the educational risks and benefits of greater conscientization, compassion fatigue or ethical desensitization.
  • Projections of educational futures looking towards the horizon of life and living in the increasingly digital world particularly the possibility of everlasting life through our digital footprint and the avatars we create, and delete.
  • Reflecting on the impending loss of disciplinary knowledge in philosophy of education, consider the implications for intergenerational learning, the future of the discipline, the life and death of theories, new interdisciplinarities in our work and our students’ work.


The conference is situated on the Country of the Pambalong clan of the Awabakal Nation. These peoples live/d on the site of the University of Newcastle, and in recognition of this established Wollotuka, our indigenous centre. Please see the Call for Papers from the PESA Indigenous Philosophy Group.

Note: Most of the events listed on the ASCP website are not hosted by the ASCP.  Events posted here are considered to be of interest to the Australasian continental philosophy community.

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