Australasian Political Theory and Philosophy Conference - 13-14 Feb - La Trobe City

LaTrobeThe Fourth Australasian Political Theory and Philosophy Conference

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th February, 2020

La Trobe University’s City Campus (360 Collins St. Melbourne)

(Sponsored by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University).


Since its inception in 2016, the Australasian Political Theory and Philosophy conference has been a warm and convivial event, prompting lively conversations, showcasing collaborations, featuring book panels and more. This will be the fourth conference for political theorists and political philosophers from Australasia.


At this conference, we are hoping to further opportunities for organic collaboration and exchange by hosting a majority of thematic panels. This means that proposals for thematic panels around a topic that you and your research colleagues are currently working on are particularly encouraged. But you are also warmly invited to submit an abstract for consideration on any topic or methodology.


In a similar vein, this year, instead of having keynote speakers, we are planning the following Keynote Panels and Workshops.

  • Keynote Panel on Indigenous Knowledge as a Source for Theory, with Prof. Sarah Maddison, Ass. Prof. Morgan Briggs, Mary Graham and Prof. Irene Watson (co-sponsored by the Indigenous-Settler Relations Collaboration at University of Melbourne – link).
  • Keynote Panel on Academic Freedom, with Chancellor and former Chief Justice Robert French as lead speaker (other speakers to be confirmed).
  • Workshop on The Moral Challenges of bringing Political Philosophy to the Media with Scott Stephens from ABC Radio National’s The Minefield.
  • Other panels are planned on “Employment and authority”, “Non-Western political theory”, “Corporations”, “Positional goods in education”, and “Disability and technology: justice and user engagement”, among others.


If you would like to join us, please submit an abstract of 150 words for consideration (or a panel submission comprised of three separate but related papers, each with 150-word abstracts) by 29th November 2019. Please send your abstracts to both emails listed below. Notification of acceptance will provided in early December.

Dr Miriam Bankovsky at

and Dr Nicholas Barry at


If you have any questions or would like any further information, please write to either or both of the co-convenors (Miriam Bankovsky and Nicholas Barry).

Note: Most of the events listed on the ASCP website are not hosted by the ASCP.  Events posted here are considered to be of interest to the Australasian continental philosophy community.

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