Politics, Religion, Hope: Theoretical Perspectives - 15-16 Dec - Online

On December 14-15 (Europe and N. America), there will be an online international, interdisciplinary Zoom event hosted by Deakin University and the Center for Critical Research on Religion.  The event brings together contributors from Europe and Australasia with Warren Goldstein of CCRR as discussant.  

In this period of pandemics, the environmental crisis and fraying of political consensus, the question of hope is especially pressing.  Is hope reasonable or is it necessary, and for what and for whom?  What resources for hope can we find in the great religious and political traditions?  Does the instrumental and ideological use of these traditions disqualify them as sources of renewal and reorientation?  Or are more two-sided theoretical assessments of these traditions, as sources of both corruption and catharsis, dominion and liberation, needed if we are to build new coalitions capable of addressing the crises?

The organisers are especially pleased to have addresses by David Newheiser, Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at Australian Catholic University, and author of Hope in a Secular Age; Agata Bielik-Robson, Professor of Jewish Studies at Nottingham, and author of Another Finitude: Messianic Vitalism and Philosophy; and Christina Petterson, Gerda Henkel Research Fellow at the Australian National University and author of Acts of Empire: The Acts of the Apostles and Imperial Ideology.

The event will be held over two sessions, on Dec 14-15 in Europe and N. America, at these times; New York 4-6 pm; London 9-11 pm; mainland Europe 10pm-midnight.  This equates to Shanghai 5-7am (Dec 13-14); Melbourne 8-10 am (Dec 15-16).

Session 1  - Dec. 14 (Eur/N. Am)

  • David Newheiser (ACU), "Hope in Turbulent Times: Derrida on Messianism & the Miraculous" 
  • Petra Brown (Deakin), "Encountering the Messianic in Bonhoeffer's Christology"
  • Matthew King (Deakin), "Between Hope and the Overman: Ernst Bloch and The Anti-Christ"

Session 2  - Dec 15

  • Agata Bielik-Robson (Nottingham), "Between Fear and Hope: Bloch and Derrida on Messianicityā€¯
  • Christina Petterson (ANU), "Bloch's Muenzer & the Horizons of History"
  • Matthew Sharpe (Deakin), "Natural Law & Human Dignity in Ernst Bloch and Franz Neumann" 


The zoom link will be share with participants in the week before the event, and interested people should contact Assoc. Prof. Matthew Sharpe on or


Note: Most of the events listed on the ASCP website are not hosted by the ASCP.  Events posted here are considered to be of interest to the Australasian continental philosophy community.

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