Alain Badiou’s The Immanence of Truths

A 1-Day Workshop hosted by the MSCP

The Immanence of Truths is the final volume of Alain Badiou’s Being and Event trilogy, which sets out the core of his metaphysics of truth. The central claim of this new book is that truths in the domains of art, science, politics and love have something that touches on the absolute, enabling them to transcend the local and historical conditions from which they are produced. To develop this theory of the absolute, Badiou draws on a part of the mathematical theory of sets called the theory of large cardinals which explore the different forms of infinity in the mathematical universe. Badiou sees within these results a theory of the infinity of truths as that within a truth procedure which allows it to go beyond the finitude specific to a given world. When this occurs, something finite is produced which nonetheless carries the mark or index of the absolute and infinite in it, which Badiou calls a work. With this metaphysical framework in place,  Badiou then sets out what a work is in each of the four truth conditions, and how they are indexed to the absolute.

Broadly following the structure of the book, this one day workshop aims firstly to present and discuss the major themes and concepts of Badiou’s theory of the absolute nature of truth processes, including the absolute, the infinite and finite, ‘recouvrement’ and a work. The second half of the day will explore the theory of works in relation to each of the specific truth procedures, having a speaker present and discuss Badiou’s ideas, and then a respondent to react to these claims, in order to frame a more polemical discussion of the consequences of this book.

Convened by: John Cleary, Ali Alizadeh, Caitlyn Lesiuk.

Date: Friday the 28th of October.

Location: Masson Theatre (Chemistry Building), The University of Melbourne. A live stream will also be available.

Speakers include:  John Cleary, Justin Clemens, Caitlyn Lesiuk, Jon Roffe, Bryan Cooke, Antonia Pont, Russell Grigg, Ali Alizadeh, Robyn Adler, Eloise Mignon, Daniel Lopez.