Virtuosity - The Newsletter of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

virtuosity-imageThe ASCP circulated a newsletter during the latter part of the 1990s under the title “Virtuosity”. We relaunched the newsletter as a way of detailing important news and events of interest to members of the ASCP and wider Continental philosophy community in Australasia. This issue gives a summary of important events over the past year, which has been a productive period for the ASCP. Future issues of the Newsletter will include news, conference calls, new journal issues, links to reviews of ASCP authors, and other items of interest to the Australasian Continental philosophy community. We look forward to receiving contributions from members of the ASCP community and welcome ideas or suggestions for future issues. Thanks to all the contributors to this issue.

Virtuosity Issue 9 - Nov 2018

Virtuosity Issue 8 - Nov 2017

Virtuosity Issue 7 - Nov 2016

Virtuosity Issue 6 - Nov 2015

Virtuosity Issue 5 - Oct 2014

Virtuosity Issue 4 - Sept 2013

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Virtuosity Issue 1 - Nov 2009